About Me....
My full name is Richard Joseph Martin van Kroonenburg, which is normally shortened to Ricky with my stage name as Ricky Roo . I was born in April 1988.  I have decided to be DJ and singer as a profession, with hopes of developing further into music in the future. I have a First Class Hons degree in Animal Biology, and prior to that I got First and National Diplomas in animal care/management.
Going through university was the only way I was able to fulfill my particular interest in animal science in-depth. It was student life increased my knowledge of and passion for music and got me confident enough to sing karaoke for the first time.
This paved the way for my current career choice as a musician and I have been researching different artists and genres of music ever since. I also did music as a GCSE back in my school days, which got me a B (highest of all my GCSEs). I played the electronic keyboard for my exam and at the time I was not confident enough to sing. I also enjoy composing my own songs in my spare time, and I am learning to play the acoustic guitar and the keyboard.
I have always loved music and been musically talented since I was a child, and I have always been able to remember music very well.  I am able to compose full songs just through thinking, but I find my weak point is writing them on paper (except for the lyrics, of course).
At home I use a computer program to manually transcribe what comes into my head into midi files (including the use of different instruments, mainly in the rock/pop genre), and I do also play my musical instruments. I would like to do something meritable with my songwriting in the future.
As a school subject I was initially uninterested and unwilling to work with music, feeling I was being persuaded to do so, but I eventually took inspiration from some of the other pupils as they came up with some good projects, and since then I have always been into composing music. I feel that my voice is my best instrument and came naturally to me (and enhanced through voice training that I did at drama) and thus I want to include singing as part of my career.
My major musical influences include Sparks, Madness, Paul Heaton (Housemartins, Beautiful South), Shane MacGowan (Pogues), Beatles Chumbawamba, Take That, Robbie Williams and T-Rex. 
I am hoping my current services will develop in the future and open up opportunities working with other higher level music-related activities. I have always liked the idea of singing in a band.